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The Pink Lens: Short Film 'Innocent Boy'

From Pink Lens:

Innocent Boy 🇺🇸 Starring: Unique Jenkins, Kamy Bruder, Michael Vincent Berry, Ian Michaels. Director: Brock Cravy.

In a trash-filled crack-den in a forgotten Texan backwater, the terrifying drag Momma lives with a group of hustlers, who prey on their customers to fund their addictions. When a murderous cowboy appears, a young trans boy sees the opportunity to feed his rage-filled hunger. Drenched in pink and blue neon, this grim short feels like a twisted fairy tale, where Momma is the wicked queen and the graffitied walls and waist-deep trash her kingdom. From grown men thirsting for milk at her teet, to whimpering old women mewling for their next hit, this is the stuff of dystopian nightmares masterfully composed like a screamingly alive Lachapelle photograph.

Underscored by a menacingly electro beat, this feels like an exposé of the underbelly of the underbelly, where squalor and butchery is art. This is bleak but fascinating, disgusting yet beautiful, repellent but achingly moreish.

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