The Contested Edge & Mattioli Productions Partner in Distribution of Queer Horror 'Innocent Boy'

The Contested Edge has named AJ Mattioli of Mattioli Productions, Co-Producer of Queer Horror Short, Innocent Boy. Mattioli will lead distribution and sales of this frightening tale about a gang of Texas hustlers, led by a loathsome madam, who prey on the lonely desperados that have come for sex and drugs and Mommas special milk. The collaboration is announced today by Brock Cravy, Executive Producer of The Contested Edge.

As the go-to trans producer for queer filmmaking, and the head of Queer Acquisition at Fearless (streaming platform), AJ Mattioli's films have been distributed on Google Play, TLAVideo, Amazon, iTunes, Fandango Now, and Vimeo to name a few.

"Mattioli Productions is thrilled to have acquired Innocent Boy.", Mattioli responded when asked about the partnership. "We take diversity and representation very seriously. Innocent Boy lines up perfectly with that need. Combine that with horror being our preferred genre, the film is shot beautifully, and a thrilling storyline, I knew I had to sign this film. "

Written and Directed by award-winning producer Brock Cravy (The Q-Television Network), Innocent Boy follows Penny (Unique Jenkins) a young, black trans boy in the depths of opioid withdrawal who is relentlessly bullied by his brother-in-trade (Ian Michaels). When a murderous cowboy (Kamy Bruder) rolls into town, Penny quickly sees an opportunity to feed the physical and emotional hunger that has long been ignored by neglectful Momma (Michael Vincent Berry). As the boys begin to fall one-by-one, Penny is caught between the Cowboys' lustful rage and the greed and corruption that Momma represents.

Filmed in rural Texas, Innocent Boy, is the first project to be produced by The Contested Edge and Cravys' first narrative. Innocent Boy won 'Best Short Horror' at Outlantacon 2020, 'Audience Choice' and 'Best Director' at the Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival. This is Cravys' third win for Best Director, with five nominations for the veteran producer, having previously won at the Independent Short Awards in Los Angeles. The controversial queer horror premiered at the historic Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, and has additionally been welcomed into international mainstream and underground festivals with great success:

1. Best Dark Drama - Oregon Scream Week (USA)

2. Official Selection - Austin After Dark (USA)

3. Official Selection - Sick & Wrong Film Festival (USA)

4. Facegrinder Award - Grindsploitation Film Fest (USA)

5. Official Selection - WillSound LGBT Film Festival Toronto (Canada)

6. Official Selection - WillSound LGBT Film Festival Los Angeles (USA)

7. Best Horror Short - Outlantacon 2020 (USA)

8. Official Selection - Der Phantastiche Festival Kassel (Germany)

9. Official Selection - Rolling Ideas 2020 (Romania)

10. Best Director - Hyperwave Film Festival (USA)

11. Best Thriller - Hyperwave Film Festival (USA)

11. Best Short Horror - Košice International Film Festival 2020 (Slovakia)

12. Official Selection - Torino Underground Cinefest (Italy)

13. Best LGBTQ Short - South Texas Underground Film Festival (USA)

14. Official Selection - Around Films International Film Festival (Netherlands)

15. Official Selection - Sadique Master Festival - (France)

16. Official Selection - LGBT Los Aneles Film Festival (USA)

17. Audience Choice - Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival (USA)

18. Best Direction - Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival (USA)

19. Official Selection - Cinematic Panic (USA)

20. Best Cinematography - Independent Short Awards (USA)

21. Best Sound Design - Independent Short Awards (USA)

22. Best Acting Ensemble - Independent Short Awards (USA)

23. Best First Time Director - Independent Short Awards (USA)

24. Best LGBTQ Short - Independent Short Awards (USA)

25. Semi-Finalist - Dumbo Film Festival (USA)

25. Nominated Best Film of the Month - Independent Short Awards (USA)

26. Finalist - European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground) (Russia)

27. Best LGBTQ Short - Indie Short Fest (USA)

28. Official Selection - Queer International Film Festival Playa del Carmen (Mexico)

29. Semi Finalist - Lisbon Film Rendezvous (Portugal)

30. Official Selection - Berlin Flash Film Festival (Germany)

31. Official Selection - Lift Off Global Network Los Angeles (USA)


Press: Brock Cravy The Contested Edge (323) 747-4759 Sales & Distribution: AJ Mattioli Mattioli Productions


Press:  Brock Cravy

Sales:  AJ Mattioli

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