Queer Fear to make Italian Premier at Torino Underground (Italy)

'Innocent Boy' has been officially accepted into the 7th Torino Underground Cinefest (March 22-28, 2020), and will screen at the prestigious Ambrosio Cinema in Torino, Italy.

TUC Facebook:

Founder & Festival Director: Mauro Russo Rouge

From the Festival:

"Welcome back to the 7th edition!

In the last edition the festival has recorded a resounding success with the public. Almost 5,000 spectators in 5 days of event and a significant media visibility through all channels (TV, radio, press and magazines / portals / online blogs).

For its 7th edition, the festival event will last for seven days, to offer more time for insights with the authors.

The VII TUC will be held in a very important location for the Turin “Cinema” universe, which is located in the heart of the city, at the marvelous Cinema Ambrosio.

Cash prizes are awarded for the best feature film, best short film and best vfx. Also, special awards will be assigned to: best director, best actor, best actress, best photography, best sound designer. It there will be an audience award and mentions assigned by our media partners.

The festival counts on the help of media-partnerships and cultural partners in the area."

Innocent Boy, Directed by, Brock Cravy


Press:  Brock Cravy

Sales:  AJ Mattioli

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