Semi-Finalist, Lisbon Film Rendezvous (Portugal)

Innocent Boy, the first film directed by Brock Cravy is a Semi-Finalist at the Lisbon Film Rendezvous in Portugal.

"This festival was born from my love for undiscovered artifacts, for voices that get baffled in the distance, for things that need attention and care, it is not about perfection or virtuosity, and it is not about tossing things aside.

In this festival, as a viewer, you will certainly be exposed to many influences, to unconventional ideas about storytelling, style and language, and that is the fuel for which I am passionate about. I am moved by the films that we choose, but, most of all, I am inspired by them, I discover new interior landscapes because of them, new building blocks." Lisbon Film Rendezvous"

#filmfestival #queerhorror #thecontestededge #lisbonfilmrendezvous


Press:  Brock Cravy

Sales:  AJ Mattioli

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