'Innocent Boy', Official Selection at Cinematic Panic - (Memphis)

A New Kind of Film Festival

There’s a time and a place for charming, simple, beautiful films for sweet, positive, life-affirming cinema... This ain’t that.

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From the festival:

"Bizarre.  Strange.  Peculiar.  Eccentric.  The abnormal.  The disturbing.  The troubling.  The unsettling, the unsavory, the upsetting, the unusual, and the uncategorizable.

 You’re invited to a celebration of the darker side of cinema, as we unleash an entire weekend devoted to absolute celluloid insanity and some seriously fucked up flicks at our CINEMATIC PANIC! - a four day film festival devoted entirely to the dangerous, the demented, and the damaging in film...

Black Lodge and Piano Man Pictures have joined together to offer you a unique cinematic dare: to test your limits and subject yourself to the most subversive cinema we can find.  Can you handle it?

Prepare for a universe of deranged movie treasures!  Worried you may not be able to handle the madness?  Let our “Panic Meter” help guide you through the fest, revealing just how disturbing each movie is.  Can’t say we didn’t warn ya!

But we not only want to show you some of the most outrageous, mind-blowing and even sinister movies we can find...we want to see YOURS."


Press:  Brock Cravy

Sales:  AJ Mattioli

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