A Queer Edge in Horror

Dallas, Texas Studio to Green Light LGBTQ+ Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Storylines.

(DALLAS, Texas) - LGBTQ+ Cinema just got a little edgier thanks to The Contested Edge, a Dallas, Texas based production house committed to producing horror, fantasy, and science fiction content that will feature queer characters and storylines.

A collaboration between industry veteran Brock Cravy and executive producer, Deiadra Armstrong, Contested Edge will follow in the footsteps of recent industry disruptors such as Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions. Cravy will focus on storylines in the horror and science fiction genres, two categories where gay, trans, and nonbinary characters have been notably absent.

“Being gay isn’t as taboo as it once was, except when it comes to writing gay characters.” Said Cravy, whose 20 year career includes producing the launch content for the Q- Television Network, the worlds first LGBT cable channel.

“In most media, gay characters are often overly flamboyant or brooding, we are cast as tormented souls, or as the best friend that won't stop hitting on the straight characters. We want to demonstrate that you can have characters who are gay without this one trait defining their entire storyline.”

According to the MPAA making films accessible to diverse audiences is good business. The top five grossing films of 2019 saw Caucasians comprise less than 50% of the total theater audience. This boost was even more pronounced for Black Panther, which featured an almost entirely African-American cast.

The Contested Edge is in post-production on Innocent Boy, a dystopian, neon western horror. The short film follows Penny, a black trans hustler whose plan to escape his drug addled lifestyle falls afoul of his pimp, Momma and a road warrior named Cowboy.

Following the completion of Innocent Boy, The Contested Edge will begin development on a Queer zombie horror, a re-imagining of the brain eating classic, Return of the Living Dead (1985).


Press:  Brock Cravy

Sales:  AJ Mattioli

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